The Secret Hamster Cave

Hopefully a renewed interest in getting something out on the web will spark me into posting updates onto the Web
Currently I have a few of projects on the move at the moment. The first being bringing this website back into use. The second, porting my dead Virtual Poohsticks site onto this hosting engine. And thirdly entertaining an actual play listing of a couple of RPG games I'm currently involved in.
As a side note I also have been working on some Java code to create a stellarium/distance calculator for the Serenity RPG game, based on the Series Firefly, by Joss Whedon and the followup Serenity film that spawned the RPG game of the same name, until recently published by Margret Weis Productions (Feb 2011). If you have not got a copy then buy quick before the paper copies run out, already the electronic form is no longer for sale.
Currently the two main lines of work are documenting the Serenity game I ran at the beginning of this year and the Scales of War campaign that I am playing in.
A new section has opened up. Flightgear hints and tips. This section is particularly based on flight navigation and also has sections on ATC for EGKK which I do on a Wednesday and Sunday. Read the section to see more.


9th December 2013 Hum been a while hasn't it. I think some bits have been added but not much
13th Feb 2011 Though there have been no major updates, inside there has been many a page change. Particularly on the DnD Wiki. Need to remodel the home page to look at these updates.
7th Feb 2011 A DnD actual play wiki, hopefully updated on a weekly basis. Brought to you by the insane team that played the Serenity/Firefly game also listed on this site.
5th Feb 2011 The forum returns (double whoot)
26th Jan 2011 Minor updates to the site, another set of pages added. All to do with the Serenity RPG system from Magaret Weis, and can be found here
16th Jan 2011 Change of this frontpage and movement to the new hosting service (whoot)